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aimeereeval’s questions!

Have you ever been in love?
Yes I have been 2 once in elementary and another in high school~ But both never worked out~ I was always scared of rejection and fatal love so yeah~ After that never really liked anyone xP Since I don’t want to feel hurt~ I may have crushes now and then but I’ve never dedicated to loving someone to the fullest yet~ 

What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in?
Nothing really from what I recall~  

Your most cherished dream?
One day going to Japan or South Korea!~ With my best friend ^o^

An easy way to make you laugh?
Watching humorous anime or recalling old fun memories!~

Are you on good terms with your family?
Yes~ Still living with my family xP 

Has anime taught you anything important?
Anime has taught me a lot of things important!~ Learning how to live life to the fullest, never giving up on your dream, standing up for your self, knowing that there’s other people in the world that need a friend too but is too shy to talk to people, love issues~ and the list goes on xD

Vegetables or fruit?
Fruits :) I always a piece or 2 everyday ^^ Love my fruits :D

Do you have close friends of the opposite gender? (I mean really close friends or best friends) 

Do you believe in fate?
Yes I do believe in fate!~ Ever since I’ve watched mawaru penguindrum! (recommend that everyone should watch it! The story is really deep OoO)

If you could ‘reset’ your life & got a chance to live your life again, would you change anything? 
Yes I would~ I would like to change my past during elementary school~ By being able to stand up to bullies! And that’s about it~ xP 

Your ultimate OTP? (OTP of OTPs)
Umm ultimate OTP!!! Damn this is really really hard TT^TT since I have WAY too many~ uhh Nezumi x Shion~ Cause I fangasmed a lot about them so yeah~

My questions!~

1) What was the first anime you’ve ever watched?

2) Piano or Violin?

3) Top 3 Places that you would like to travel to?

4) Your greatest fear?

5) Melee weapon (sword, spear, whip, club, wand, etc.) or Projectile weapon (guns, bow & arrow, slingshot, crossbow, boomerang, etc.) ? 

6) What game would you like to have an anime adaption of? 

7) Do you believe in true love? 

8) What element would you like to posses?

9) Slingbag or Backpack? 

10 Have you ever cosplayed before? 

11) Current tumblr crushes? 

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